10 Gambling Nations Ever

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Everyone knows that the rising of the gambling popularity goes very fast.

A century ago people played casino games only in a special establishments, which were very seldom to meet.

Today this situation is completely different. Lots of cities or even countries consider virtual and real gambling as a main source of profit. Today we will see the top of the gambling nations, which was created by casino experts.

10 Gambling Countries of the World, Which are The Most Popular Now

United Kingdom, takes the first place in the top, because the highest qantity of world gamblers prefer to play services created by British software organizations.

By the way, about a half of the adult citizens, are involved in different gambling processes like Roulette, Lotteries, Horse racing, Bets on sport events and lots of others. Interesting fact, that British children are potential, young gamblers, because of the parents example.

Australia is on a second place. As we all know Australia was a British colony in the past, so you can find lots of citizens with England ancestors there. Maybe this fact make this nation one of the main gambling countries ever. Moreover, it has the biggest losing rate in the world, about $1000 per year. Due to this fact, it’s easy to guess that playing casino games in this country became restricted from September 2017.

Who Prefers to Gamble the Most

China scored a second place in the top of the worst gambling countries after Australia. It should be mentioned, that real and online casino services are totally restricted by Chinese government, but other gambling activities like different sport betting and national game called Mahjong are still available there. The creepy fact is that China is a world leader of children gambling.

Singapore, began the casino way from the far 2000s when the work of the 1st gaming establishment had been started. The critics say that it was a casino paradise for about 10 years, but today some things really changed. Nowadays, you need to pay a huge amount of money to enter any gaming establishments. Furthermore, in Singapore, one family member can ban another through the law, when the first one see the threat for main budget. Despite this, people there lose $700 per year for gambling.

Italy, is a little country with the quantity of living people is about 1,5% of the main population, but 25% of all worlds gamblers. It’s about 900 000 people, and they have a real and serious addiction. So the most gambling countries are:

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  • United States. Despite those fact that all the virtual and real gambling services except special areas are completely restricted in this country. In US if you don’t want to go to the noticed places, you can only enjoy lotteries, which are really popular in country.
  • Canada. Lots of people there like to gamble online or using the special services. More than 75% of adult population is involved. You can find about 70 different casinos in snowing land. The statistics say that every playing person spends $500 for playing in casinos.
  • India was the state, where casino games and establishments were prohibited for a huge time interval. But today it’s a rising industry there, and due to this fact lots of different gambling services and activities now exist.
  • Ireland is in the top because of their big love to the bets on animal competitions between horses, special gray hounds and others. The losses on gambling there is $400 each year. Moreover, lotteries are very popular in Ireland too.
  • Finland consider gambling in the country like problem, so the exiting fact is that if adult citizen spend 140 dollars for gambling during year, he can use the special psychological clinics for free in order to find the way, how to get rid of such addiction.

All in all, it should be mentioned, that all the countries are world leaders not only in gambling, but in other living spheres. In addition, to play or not to play, it’s only your choice and nobody can force you to lose your capital in gambling or anywhere else.