The General Quantity Of Men And Women In Gambling

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Gambling nowadays is a progressive kind of entertainment, which is very popular all around the world. Due to this fact, many people want to ask some very interesting questions about this industry.

One of such theme for discussion can become statement that men are better gamblers, or how gender differences really effect on the result. Well, considering the statistics, there are only 80% of all gamblers are men, while other 20% are women.

Many people think that this is a wrong way to compare genders, because of this fact. However, the results of our investigation can really impress you. For the cleanliness of the experiment we will choose randomly, ten men and ten women.

Money And Time that They Spend on Playing

The first exiting comparison will be about the losing percentage and how many funds both genders spend on gambling. Men lose about 3500 pounds per year on sport betting, horse racing and other. It’s suddenly, but representatives of the fragile sex spend, usually, 2500 pounds per year, which means that women’s intuition works perfectly in gambling sphere. As you can see men lose more.

Continuing the conversation, it should be mentioned that average time that was spent in online casino services or in other gambling establishments can vary too. The statistics say that men play different slots and card games about 13 months in their life, while women spend more than 20 on gambling. Due to this fact, we can sum up that men have less time to play. Explain how many different activities could replace gambling in every casino visitor’s life.

Statistics About Age and Deposit of Every Considered Sex

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In addition, we need to say about, the average age of people who are gamble online or in real life. According to stats, the perfect age for playing slots for men is about thirty-three, while most part of women prefers to gamble in the age of twenty-nine.

By the way, the highest percentage of the last ones firstly giving birth in about thirty. Moreover, representatives of fragile sex prefer not to play roulette, and spend money for something more reliable like card games or something else, while men like to play roulette the most, and the second place takes Blackjack.

Another interesting fact that you can find in the statistics will be the average deposit in the casinos by both genders. In the real life we can think that men are little bit more greedy than women, but you will be shocked when you find out that their average deposit is about ninety pounds. Comparing genders, it should be said that women spend about sixty pounds.

According to this fact, they definitely try to play with the smallest amount of money. It means that their success had been achieved, because of gambling in free slots probably.

Well, Who is Better?

All in all, considering all the noticed facts and numbers of the statistics, despite those fact that there are more men gamblers than women, they are worse players of online casino services.

They spend more money on deposit, and they lose more funds on gambling per year, while their opponents not. However, if you will think globally, it depends only on person’s own skill, his or her emotions and thoughts and, of course the excitement of the process.